At Leixury we transform your dreams into real experiences!

Leixury Animación is a leisure business based in Marbella which offers services everywhere in the Cosa del Sol. Our main objective is to offer a unique brand of entertainment through creative and individually-tailored ideas, from a specialist team of professionals.


Birthday parties

We give free rein to our imagination to design unforgettable experiences for both Little and not so Little ones! We offer a wide range of thematic parties that will transport your kids to a fantasy and unique world.

Decoration and themed

In leixury we use all our creativity to design a fantastic world for the Little ones, taking care of the small details and influenced by the latest trends. Our professionals will create a sophisticated space to allow you to enjoy an unforgettable celebration.

School Workshops

School workshops are among the most effective ways kids learn in an educational setting. Leixury offers schools in Marbella an assortment of packages to demonstrate how fun it is to learn a concept through active play.

Professional staff

Leixury Animacion has carefully selected a group of team members who enjoy creating the magic behind a fantastic event. They are also multilingual so they are able to provide events in the native languages of our diverse community on the Costa del Sol.

Unforgettable Shows

Leixury offers a wide selection of original performance artists that will surprise and delight kids and parents alike. From acrobats to talented musicians, ask Leixury Animación to share their ideas with you to make a memorable event.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for children are particularly important on the Costa del Sol because of the abundance of pools and beaches. Leixury offers profesional swimming instructors just for kids so the whole family can be safe in the water.



In Leixury we provide an endless selection of shows for all ages, adapted to all establishments and willing to offer original and unforgettable moments, with a high quality of performances.


We offer a wide range of services to customize your party in an original and sophisticated way. We take care of decorations, lights, shows, flowers, catering, sounds and much more; we even organize the renting of your exclusive villa.


In Leixury we design recreational projects in a tailored way that is special for you. These projects are driven by professionals with experience, providing for your clients fun and innovative activities, that will undoubtedly add value and unique experences to your establishment.


Research shows that activities among members of staff away from the profesional environment boost economic results and stimulate the profesional environment positively. Due to this fact, we believe in “creating bonds”, the definitive idea of fun aimed at companies and groups.



Our team consists of a group of committed professionals who entertain our clients with creative and imaginative experiences that encourage them to enjoy all the fun. To achieve our expectations, we try our best to make sure that your personal reactions are positive, and that the activities stay long in your memory. This is our objective, and we provide all the support needed to delight our clients. Leixury Animacion goes beyond the fun!


With more than 10 years experience in the world of family entertainment in luxury hotels in different exclusive areas such as Marbella, the Seychelles, and Qatar, I have returned to my own part of the world to create Leixury, my own project which features creativity, excellence, and passion for the people who want to share my vision of a unique and personalized approach through unforgettable experiences. Come and join us and find out for yourselves!

‪Jean-Pierre Favard‬‪
Again, Leixury Entertainment made a blast organizing a new event! I love the professionalism of the team and the dedication of Pepe, the founder. I would again use Leixury to organize a birthday for my son or even for myself ‬‪;-) Don’t hesitate to use Leixury for all your events. Thanks again to make it so special every time! All the best!!‬‬

Nani Molina
Muchas gracias por la organización de nuestra fiesta de una manera tan creativa y profesional, todos mis invitados recordarán mi cumpleaños durante mucho tiempo..

‪Luis Ramon Benitez Montes
Hoy quiero agradecer leixury por la animación en la comunión de mi princesa son unos grandes profesionales tanto el animador y Elsa son entregados por completo a los pequeños gracias por permanecer en mi fiesta y serán muchas más.

‪Presi Aguilera
سُعدنا جداً بمشاركتكم لفرحتنا في حفل أطفالنا مُمتنِّين للخدمات التى قُدّمت من قبلكم لأجلنا ونحنُ مُتطلِّعون للقائكم مرةً أخرى في فرحةٍ جديدة ومناسبة جديدة.

‪Tamar Morales
Great fun with great staffs!!Really appreciate their services....

‪Ana Clinci Vasile
We'll like to apreciate the amazing work of Leixury animacion at our superhero party. It was an unforgetable evening with lots of creative activities and dinamic games. The staff was just amazing. They were very friendly and they put lot of energy in they work. All the kids felt pampered and really motivated.
Thank you again,
Ms. Clinci.

‪Cameron Graham Kulewicz
Leixury Animación is top notch. They have creative, innovative party ideas and are good, honest people. It was a such a pleasure to have Pepe and Antonio help us with our son's 8th birthday party. I was able to relax and have fun at my son's party because Leixury took care of the details. I would highly recommend Leixury Animacion to anyone who wants to add a something special to their party. They are full service and can assist will everything from balloons, cakes, catering, entertainment and more. If you can dream it Pepe and Leixury Animacion can make it come true.


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