"Where the fun starts."


"Where the fun starts."

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"Where the fun starts."

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"Organizing unforgettable events."

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"Living new adventures together."

We provide everything you might need for the perfect children’s party.

We have endless materials for parties and magical shows that will make each event last in the memory of the little ones. All led by an expert team of entertainers, decorators and pastry chefs who will turn children’s fantasy into a magical event. Also, each activity and resource is specifically adapted to different ages to involve all boys and girls to ensure their fun.

Develop your creativity

Each children’s party involves a whole new creative process inspired by the little ones, where we strive for originality and attention in every single detail.

Play and learn

All our activities have an objective since we firmly believe that the best way to learn is by playing.

Real experiences

Within our proposals, we always create real experiences, where children actively participate in games and activities.


The best space for your parties.

We cooperate with the best exclusive spaces for children in Marbella. Let us help you choose the perfect space that best suits your budget and needs. It doesn't matter if you are looking for an exclusive hotel or a restaurant near the beach, in Leixury we make sure to find the perfect spot.

Leixury Animación The best decoration for your party
Leixury Animación The best themed parties


We make sure your party is unique.

We have a wide variety of resources, whether it is a fun inflatable castle or a beautiful pony, everything you dream will come true. At Leixury Kids we have the best materials and resources so that your imagination has no limits. In addition, we have a specialized video and photography team to capture your event so your experiences will become a real film.


We design your sweet table dream.

In our team we have the best pastry chefs and decorators in Marbella for children’s parties that will bring creativity and elegance to your sweet table. We will create your personal cake surrounded by handmade cookies and muffins. Let us sweeten your day!

Leixury Animación The best sweet table you can dream of
Leixury Animación The dream decoration for your party


The perfect decoration for your event.

If you like balloons or want to customize your party to be personal and unique, we have a very creative and original catalogue to design a themed event that dazzles and surprises both children and adults. Our artistic proposals are always specially designed for each event.

Professional entertainers

Our team combines professionals who speak several languages and have the necessary resources to adapt the different activities to each age.

Safety for all

All our services have security protocols and legal accreditation to guarantee the safety of children and ensure parents have peace of mind.

Guaranteed fun

Leixury is the definition of fun and entertainment for the whole family. We are aware of how important celebrations and special moments are.

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Let us surprise you with an unforgettable party



Our experts will take care of every detail.


Our experiences are unique and unbeatable.


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